Pilates for pain recoveryGillie Elliott

At 57 I suffered from chronic back pain as the result of degeneration and osteoarthritis in my spine and faced increasing immobility. My consultant and physiotherapist recommended TrevorBlountPilates, as a result of which I started weekly sessions with Trevor.

Now I am able to walk without pain, climb hills and drive with ease. I have a greater understanding of my body, of the importance of flexibility and of the need to build up core muscles.

I owe my continuing recovery to Trevor and his team. His gentle encouragement, coupled with his knowledge and expert tuition, has changed my life.



Tim Ryan


I began Pilates with Trevor after suffering a herniated disc in my lower spine; on a bad day I was barely able to put my socks on by myself. I was advised to try TrevorBlountPilates to build up core strength and to allow my back to recover without surgery.

After initial trepidation (I had visions of former ballet dancers and ladies-who-lunch) I discovered that TrevorBlountPilates is fantastic. I trust the instructors, and Pilates is now more than a phase in my rehabilitation – it is part of my wider exercise programme.

My back is stronger, I look forward to my sessions and I have made some good friends who all believe in the benefits of Pilates in rehabilitation and general wellbeing.

Silvia Barr

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hips, with a double hip replacement imminent. I began osteopathic treatment and one-and-a-half hours' exercise a day, took nutritional supplements and changed my diet. The pain and misalignment improved but, after 18 months, I had reached a plateau and needed more help.

I began TrevorBlountPilates. The programme designed for me complements my exercise regime and, when I have more than average pain, helps me to relieve it and to restore mobility. Awareness of how posture and everyday movements can affect my pain has helped me to control it, and to look and feel fitter.

Izzy Harrap

I have suffered from severe back pain since childhood; at the beginning of an acute episode, I could not even get out of bed.

Trevor designed a programme to strengthen my muscles (some of which had wasted) without irritating my spine. He has continued to adapt the exercises and my spine is now less painful.

I have thrown away my special back chair; I can travel (across the Atlantic) by plane, by train and short distances by car. I have not had an episode so severe that it required an epidural since I started TrevorBlountPilates, and lesser episodes are reducing in length and severity.

Britt Ekland

I began Pilates in the 1960s with Ron Fletcher in Beverly Hills. I met Trevor in the early 1980s and have been going to him ever since.

In Trevor, I have found an intelligent and motivated teacher who constantly challenges me. When I broke my ankle and wrist, I doubted that I would be able to walk within a month. With Trevor's help, I was back on stage.

I look forward to my sessions. Because I have done TrevorBlountPilates for so long, even though I cannot always exercise regularly, my body gets back to shape very quickly. I feel strong and flexible – and that’s from doing Pilates.

Adrianne LeMan

I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis when I was 22. Twenty years later, after a series of back problems, it was difficult to bend enough to put my shoes on.

I began TrevorBlountPilates in 1987. Although I have subsequently had three vertebrae in my neck fused, as well as a number of more minor operations, the exercises Trevor devises and adapts for me enable me to maintain and enjoy a busy life.

An added benefit is the “Pilates friends” I have made, and who I look forward to seeing on Sunday and Tuesday mornings.

Naomi Lytle

I came to Trevor’s studio because of a slipped disc and bouts of severe sciatica, problems which had been contributed to by a difficult pregnancy with twins four years earlier. I had suffered three three-month episodes of acute pain and had spent, in all, about nine months on crutches.

About to have surgery on my spine, I thought I’d give TrevorBlountPilates a try first. The pain reduced and I could walk normally again. I came to the studio twice a week right through my second pregnancy and gave birth to a big, healthy boy. To my amazement, I was not in pain even lifting and carrying him. I feel very lucky to have found TrevorBlountPilates – he has restored my faith in my body.

Fiona Swallow

On the recommendation of a friend – who has impeccable taste – I telephoned Trevor’s studio, to be greeted by his calm and reassuring voice. I immediately knew I was in the hands of a true professional; his detailed knowledge of the body’s idiosyncrasies resolved my particular problem in three months.

I look forward to my lessons. Trevor and his wonderful team have built up my confidence with one-to-one teaching. I have progressed to more complex exercises which give me a real sense of achievement. I love the friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the studio; it’s a wonderful place to give some time to yourself.

Izabella Vernissage

I have been a TrevorBlountPilates addict for many years. Trevor Blount is responsible for that. A true professional, he introduced me to the perfect management of my body which, in the past, so often succumbed to back pain and various injuries.

In the peaceful and friendly atmosphere of his studio, my mind relaxes and de-stresses. Pilates concepts rule and professional staff are always there to help. Age, body shape or injury never matter – solutions are devised for all problems. My son also comes to the studio: he thinks Pilates is a cool way to develop his body.

Trevor’s knowledge and charisma make it difficult to miss a class, or even a hamstring stretch, without feeling guilty!

Geoff Russell

At 44, I was experiencing the two common afflictions of middle-aged men – expanding abdomen and reducing flexibility.

I was persuaded by a friend to try TrevorBlountPilates. I discovered it was nothing about heart rate and muscle machines, and everything about carefully structured exercises that slowly, but surely, develop core body strength as well as stretching everything.

Within months there was a discernable difference. After two years and, along with my regular cardio exercise in the gym, my stomach was harder than when I was 20. My flexibility is such that I took up snowboarding and managed to survive the twists and falls without sprain. TrevorBlountPilates is something I will do for the rest of my life.

TrevorBlountPilates is sympathetic to each individual's anatomical make-up