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Working at the studio, one can really see and feel the difference Trevor Blount Pilates makes.


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After reading an article about Pilates in 1983, I began to learn the system with former-dancer, Dreas Reyneke. In 1985, I completed teacher training with Alan Herdman, who pioneered Pilates in the UK, and worked with him before setting up my own studio in 1991.

I have subsequently worked with a dedicated team to develop TrevorBlountPilates, which has built a well-deserved reputation for excellent work. In 1996, I founded the PILATESfoundation, which has become renowned for its high standards of teacher training.

My book, PilatesSystem (published by Hamlin in 2000, ISBN: 0600603555), is available in three formats, and has been translated into five languages.

It takes a lifetime to turn the skill of teaching Pilates, into an art.

I discovered Pilates during my dance training in London and New York, and have been teaching for more than 20 years; in addition to working at TrevorBlountPilates, I work at The Royal Ballet.

I have extensive experience of working with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, from those needing rehabilitation to professional dancers and athletes. I love to improve my clients’ quality of movement and to help them move with grace.

I trained with Alan Herdman and qualified in September 2013. I have been working at TrevorBlountPilates ever since.

I am passionate about the ability of Pilates to change people and I love the way holistic teaching can encourage better movement, mobility and connection. Pilates is not simply exercise – it gives so much more: awareness, discipline, and understanding of how one’s whole body works.

I see changes in our clients right from their first session: it starts with small things, but they soon see that Pilates affects their entire posture and the big picture begins to be revealed to them. This is a joy to see.

From an early age I had a passion for sports. I discovered Pilates when my wife introduced me to it in 2015 and fell in love with it straight after my first class. I was working in the catering Industry but decided to follow my new passion and qualified in 2019 after two-and-a-half years training with Trevor Blount. During that time, I learned about body mechanics, quality of movement, how to breathe correctly, and how to focus on core postural muscle to stabilise the body.

My enthusiasm and attention to detail is very well received. I believe that more emphasis is needed on the elongation of the spine to keep the body healthy: what gives me the most satisfaction is to see clients becomes aligned and pain free after a session.


A background in sport, a passion for dancing and an interest in fitness, led me to try out many different exercise techniques before discovering Pilates in 1990. I completed my training with Trevor in 1997 and have been teaching at the studio ever since.

I enjoy working with clients who have postural problems, or who are recovering from surgery and injury, as well as with fit and healthy people of all ages. It is extremely satisfying to watch them develop and to see clients who had injuries restored to health. Pilates clearly makes an enormous difference to their lives.

I discovered Pilates in 1998 after experiencing back pain – I realised that movement was the key to good health, energy and self-satisfaction, and was struck by the fact that every generation was represented in the studio.

After a successful career in luxury designer goods, as a professional sales and customer service specialist in Amsterdam and London, I decided to embark on PILATESfoundation training with Anoushka Boone. I qualified in 2012.

My training and my years of experience in my own practice, enable me to support my clients in rehabilitation and good health, improving their movement, strength and flexibility. I teach with enthusiasm, humour and compassionate. Excellence is always my goal.

I have been practising Pilates for more than 20 years. Dance had previously taken up much of my spare time, but a minor injury led me to a McTimoney Chiropractor who recommended that I take up Pilates if I wanted to continue to enjoy dance classes. The joy of the huge improvement Pilates made in my movement led me to study with Trevor Blount. I completed my teacher training in 2006, with Trevor through the PILATESfoundation, which he founded in 2006.

I like to share the joy of movement with everyone I teach and I like my students to leave my classes feeling taller, more energised, with a lightness of step and a sense of achievement.