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The precise teaching of Trevor Blount Pilates ensures exercises are performed correctly.

Teacher Training

Trevor Blount started teaching Pilates in South Kensington, Knightsbridge and Chelsea in 1985 and has been at the forefront of training Pilates teachers for more than 30 years. He was responsible for starting the PILATESfoundation in 1996 and was instrumental in creating the structure for the PILATESfoundation teacher training accreditation system, which started in 1999.

In 2010, Trevor moved on to create a certification programme of training for his students only.

New training programme

Using the experience he has gained from his own daily practise over the past 35 years, combined with his experience of teaching a huge range of people with widely different needs, Trevor has developed his unique Pilates teacher-training programme.

Each student is trained individually, this gives them an in-depth understanding of how to work in a way that is sympathetic to their own anatomical structure and to learn what Trevor calls the “internal-mechanism” of Pilates exercises – this is about learning how to use our bodies and to sense what is happening to them, rather than imposing on them what we think they should be doing. This teaches students the best way to work with clients.

The main objective of the TrevorBlountPilates teacher training programme is to uphold the highest standards of teaching Pilates.

Training Structure

There are two elements to the training course, pre-training and the training programme.


Pre-training consists of 25-50 studio sessions to be completed in six months, together with an anatomy and physiology certification course at the London College of Massage.

Training programme

Training takes two years, involving 1,000 hours of training, study and lectures, divided into six terms. The final term is principally devoted to preparing for examinations.

325 hours

of one-to-one studio sessions, practical training and lectures

500 hours

of supervised teaching practice

150 hours

of home study
(including course work)

25 hours

of lectures, and practical training on conditions that require remedial exercise


Course outline
  • Principles and fundamentals
  • Classical and modern Pilates repertoire
  • Movement knowledge and analysis
  • Comprehensive anatomy (home study)
  • Pilates and rehabilitation
Final examination
  • Course work, one self-assessment, two case studies
  • Practical examination


Applicants for teacher training are required to have some experience and understanding of Pilates. While a background in dance or related bodywork can be an advantage, it is by no means essential.

Applicants should send a CV, including Pilates experience, together with a letter setting out why they want to become a Pilates teacher.

Successful applicants are then invited to a session with Trevor at his studio, followed by a discussion on their suitability for, and details of, training.

Mona Russell

After my career in the City ended for medical reasons, I needed a new direction. As a client at Trevor’s studio, I was extremely happy with the improvements to my body.

I decided Pilates could offer me a new challenge while being both healthy and helpful to others. Trevor agreed to take me on the two-year course.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning with all the staff. Trevor, with his intuitive knowledge of the body and how it functions, teaches in a way that cannot be learned from books or group classes.

This is not an easy programme. It takes time to train your body while learning the theory and practical applications – but the qualification, knowledge and body refinement are worth the effort.

CPD training for qualified pilates teachers

Trevor works one-to-one with Pilates teachers on developing their knowledge and teaching skills, woven into their own Pilates practise. The sessions are usually between one and four days long and the content is tailored to individual requirements.


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