Practicing Pilates at Trevor Blount StudiosThe studio – on the first floor of a mid-1800s property – is in what would have originally been quite an impressive main sitting room.

The high ceilings, extensive plaster work and big windows, make it a lovely space to be in – more like coming to a friend’s house than to an exercise studio. That is precisely the atmosphere I wanted to create: a place of welcome, comfort and friendliness, where you take time out from the stresses and strains of daily life, and where the time is just for you.

This relaxing atmosphere enables us to focus on, and enjoy, doing great work together. Our holistic approach is not only  about your body and mind, it’s also about your environment and about calming your spirit and bringing you back to your human essence.


Really good teachers and a great environment

The teachers at our studio are dedicated to their careers as Pilates teachers; we work together as a team, pool our ideas, share our new creations with each other and with you. Our staff have been comprehensively trained for two years and qualified through an extensive examination process; each teacher is an individual with many years' experience. This ensures that all our teachers have extensive knowledge and great skill in teaching TrevorBlountPilates to you.

Because we want to help our clients achieve an advanced awareness in practising Pilates, we work with each person individually. We give you the time and space to learn about your body without the distraction of “over-teaching”. We firmly believe that we are providing you with the best environment in which to  learn – and to be taught Pilates

The holistic approach of TrevorBlountPilates is what differentiates it from other forms of physical exercise