Pilates benefits

Structural Pilates for posture

Structural Pilates for posture

What makes TrevorBlountPilates so important for posture is that it trains the deep structural muscles that support our skeletal system.

This makes movement much more efficient and reduces overloading on our feet, knees, hips, spines, shoulders and necks, and reduces headaches. You will look and feel much better and will have less pain that is associated with dysfunctional posture.

Remedial and rehabilitation Pilates

One of the best things about TrevorBlountPilates as an exercise system is that it can be adapted to suit every need.

For our rehabilitation programme we have created a range of exercises that are specifically designed for clients who initially need a softer and more gentle approach. The exercises are simple, small and gentle. As you learn to master them, they increase slowly and carefully to challenge your body gently, to build your strength, flexibility, stability and mobility from the inside out, and to return you to health.

This is why medical practitioners recommend TrevorBlountPilates to their patients to help relieve pain caused by postural weakness, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many other conditions.

Medical practitioners also recognise us as specialists in rehabilitation for people who have had, or are trying to avoid, surgery and for the speedy recovery from many different types of injuries.

Benefits of Pilates for sports

As a sportsman I know how sport-specific training can develop muscular imbalance, overwork certain muscle groups, distorting the entire body and decreasing the ability to produce good technique.

TrevorBlountPilates fuses mind and body and harmonises them as one. This ensures deep overall conditioning, lengthens, strengthens and aligns the body, and brings balance and symmetry to prepare it for every sport.

In addition, it improves concentration, control, precision, co-ordination, balance, endurance, breath control and efficient movement patterns. It also helps to reduce sports injuries.



The Fundamental Principal of Trevor Blount Pilates is core stabilisation of the body