Pilates with Trevor BlountTrevor Blount

After reading an article about Pilates in 1983, I began to learn the system with former-dancer, Dreas Reyneke. In 1985, I completed teacher training with Alan Herdman, who pioneered Pilates in the UK, and worked with him before setting up my own studio in 1991.

I have subsequently worked with a dedicated team to develop TrevorBlountPilates, which has built a well-deserved reputation for excellent work. In 1996, I founded the PILATESfoundation, which has become renowned for its high standards of teacher training.

My book, PilateSystem (published by Hamlin in 2000, ISBN: 0600603555), is available in three formats, and has been translated into five languages.

Pilates with Kathryn Hammersley

Kathryn Hammersley

I had always participated in sport, been active and fit, and had experimented with many different forms of exercise techniques before discovering Pilates in about 1990. I was given the opportunity to train as a teacher and completed my training with Trevor in 1997.

I have been a member of the PILATESfoundation since its inception and have been teaching at Trevor’s studio since I finished my training.

Alex Rose at Trevor Blount Pilates studios



Alex Rose

I was originally, and still am, a dancer. Rehearsing one warm day, I tore the Meniscus cartilage in my right knee. I had a third of the cartilage removed and thought my career was finished. My physiotherapist, however, introduced me to Trevor and four months later I was able to accept a dance contract. I still do exercises for my knee, but now have no problems with it.

When Trevor asked me if I would like to train to teach, I jumped at the chance. Because I am sure I couldn’t have continued to dance at the standard I have without Pilates, I know what it can do and I enjoy giving that benefit to other people. I started teaching at the studio in 1999.

Tina Krasevec at Trevor Blount Pilates studiosTina Krasevec

When I was studying at the London Contemporary Dance School, I realised that Pilates could help me develop and enrich my understanding of dance techniques. Three years after I graduated, I trained with Trevor. His charm, sense of humour and expertise convinced me that I had chosen the right path and I qualified as an instructor in 2003.

I still work as a dancer and teach dance as well as Pilates. Working with Trevor has enabled me to fulfil my lifelong dream of working in London, helping people to maintain general fitness and wellbeing. I work hard to help my clients develop their true physical potential.

Gisella Zampetis at Trevor Blount Pilates studios
Gisella Zampetis

Dance has been my passion since I was four years old and I eventually trained at the University of Culture at St Petersburg, but I became injured and, to my distress, was told not to dance any more. If I had known about Pilates when I was dancing, I would probably still be in Russia, but the injury changed my life.

I came to London to learn Pilates and discovered how to protect my body from over-stretching. Now I can dance again without pain and enjoy teaching other people how to strengthen and protect their bodies.

Pilates with Julie Powell


Julie Powell

After dancing in my spare time for 25 years, doing two years of Ashtanga yoga, gaining a therapeutic massage qualification and taking periodic Pilates sessions, I began to train with Trevor to teach Pilates in 1998.

I have subsequently had two children. Since I continued to teach and practise Pilates during my pregnancies, I have personal – and invaluable – experience of ante- and post-natal Pilates. To me, Pilates is a fundamental ingredient of life: it enables you to make the most of any other physical activity.

Sara Honey at Trevor Blount Pilates studios


Sara Honey

I began training in Pilates in 1996 while working as a dancer in the US. It was the ideal way of strengthening or rebalancing areas of my body which had been affected by repetition. I trained in San Francisco and taught part-time there before returning to England.

I read about Trevor in Dancing Times and have been teaching at his studio since 2000. The studio is a stimulating environment in which all the instructors share ideas and learn from one another. We work with some clients who have severe disabilities, some who are fit and healthy, others who were afraid to move because of chronic pain. Postures improve and confidence grows. For me, to see these changes in people is the real reward in teaching.


"Working at the studio, one can really see and feel the difference TrevorBlountPilates makes"